Laurie Keck



Harmonious Haunt

Alone, he made music. 

Together, they made magic.

As entertainment director for Forget-Me-Not, Fallon James receives her dream assignment— meeting the one man who has entertained her with his music for most of her life. With her not-so-secret crush scheduled to perform as the headliner for the Halloween finale in her town, Fallon is tasked with entertaining him. Finding it difficult to contain her excitement, and her nerves taking over, Fallon fortunately has her dog, Oscar, at her side to keep her grounded.

Rhett Baptiste is a popular multinational musician, and the man of many dreams. In his travels, he has seen and met them all, or so he thinks. Soon after meeting Fallon, strange things begin to happen. Not only does he see things he never thought possible, he begins to feel things that he will most certainly never forget. 

The question is, will they share a harmonious visit, or will they fall into one of life’s traps, leaving a haunting like no other?


            A place that’s most special just                                          around Halloween, 

                         when the boundary 

                        between worlds thins 

                     and all things are possible.

                                                 HALLOWEEN MAGIC