Laurie Keck



All Wrapped Up

One shrouded in mystery, 

one searching for answers... 

As Keeper of the Archives, Nia Curtis finds herself all too often wrapped up in the things of old and romanticizing about times long gone. 

She’s an air witch who can literally levitate to the tower where she works. 

Desmond Cole is a man who, long ago, fell into a dire situation. He is now shrouded in secrecy, and though he feels boxed in, there is hope he’s found the one woman who can unravel his past.

When Nia procures what appears to be a long-lost treasure box, she learns that time is boundless. However, when she finds Desmond, they both discover that only love can truly bind, and therein lies the true power.

       The magic of Halloween continues                       in Forget-Me-Not, Oregon.
               Halloween Thrills 
                    contains three stories 
                       about witches, their magic, 
                         and finding love
                with classic “monsters.”