Laurie Keck






Siren Rock


Veterinarian, Larina Bixby grew up in the coastal town of Siren Rock. She was raised by her father and had never known her mother. She learned the truth of her mother, the day she became a woman. Larina, herself is a woman with a secret. She possesses a special gift, which leaves her emotionally torn between two worlds. Her hope has been to live, love and survive in one. Soon after resigning herself to the preposterous idea of a normal life and of ever knowing love, she sees the only man she has ever loved.

Case Wade, formally a Rodeo star, had quit while pursuing a career in music and the hand of the only woman he loved. Soon however he learns of a son, from a night on the road, during his rodeo days. His new romance is at risk, as the boy’s mother is insistent on having Case to herself.  

Case must convince the woman he loves, to try again. Larina is allowing her secret keep them apart. Her family is in danger and they must decipher what are suspicions and what are truths. And who has been watching her family? 



Spirit Gulls


Once again, the plan for Larina Bixby Wade to finally meet her mother has been put on hold. There had been no threats, no known prying eyes over the past two years, but still, she doesn’t want to take a chance that suspicion might rear its ugly head again. Not when she’s so happy.

Larina now resides on the open, lush green land of Wade ranch with a family of her own, and her family has their own secret as well. She and her husband, Case, a musician and singer with a successful career, have their first child together, a beautiful, spirited daughter named Kendra. The child also appears to hold a special gift. And, now, it seems for Larina that everything is about to come full circle.

 Suspicions are once again close and rumors are flying as their world and now their lives are in danger once more. Larina and Case now must do whatever they can to keep their life intact, to keep their family safe. But the question is, who wishes to destroy them and the life they have made?