Laurie Keck



Magic has to be believed to be seen.

Earth witch Hailey Vose believes she has all she’s ever wanted. In her real life, she’s a horse rancher, but as a romance author, she has a fantasy life as well. Yet, when the fog lifts, those two worlds suddenly collide in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

Jesse Thorn is re-writing his own story. Forced to make a difficult decision, he leaves all he knows behind, disappearing from his world to spare his people all-out war. Yet, when he finds Hailey, he discovers he isn’t trying to get lost. He wants to be found.

They harness their powers to protect the lands. As they collaborate, their true natures are revealed. But is there more here than meets the eye?

Winter Tales

Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, Book 3
When chaos descends, the battle between nature and witch begins…

The universe always demands payment for magic. When a group of naïve teenage boys experiment with elemental magic, the citizens of Forget-Me-Not face a winter storm unlike any other. Chosen for their skills, three witches go head-to-head with nature, teaming with the men from myths and legends who are fated to fight with them.